Do I Have Enough People?

What are Rates Based on?

Do I Have Enough Space?

Things to Consider Before Booking:

Our Quiet Generator

We can serve up to 1000 cones/hour per unit!

-We typically do events serving over 50 people
-In cases of events with 50-150 people we will usually bring the mini- mobile unit instead of our larger units
-If you have less people than that, you may want to consider inviting more people to join you!

-We have the Mobile Cone Unit with a large truck attached to tow it with
-We have a Generator that must be parked next to or diagonal to the Mobile. (See Pictures Below!)

-Duration of Event

-Distance we would need to Travel

-Number of Servings

-Type of Items Served

-We also have a fixed cost for set up, tear down, etc
-The more people we are serving, the less the cost is per serving!)

Corporate Picnics

Company Picnics

Festivals & Fairs

Church Events

School Events



Car Shows

Community Events

Field Days


And More!

(We are only licensed to operate in the State of Ohio)

Events We Can Do!

About Our Mobile Units

-Our generator is very quiet and not disruptive unlike a lot of other food trucks out there!